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Close To The Flames

Deep Shadows

Epica Records EP0098100 July 15, 2016

  • Close To The Flames

    The Hellband

  • Beautiful

    The Hellband

  • Pretending

    The Hellband

The vocals are – as mentioned earlier – another element that catches the attention. And they do so fairly quickly. Most people are somewhat familiar with Valo and his dark brooding voice. But here, it isn’t nearly as monotone as it is today. Here it is much more vivid, passionate and energetic – and believe it or not, much much much darker. To top it off, he sings with a far more upper-class British-like accent here than on recent albums, where it’s obvious that he’s lived on the west coast of the USA.



Follow our crazy adventures during our rockstar lives! Stay with us and enjoy the crazy life of the band with your friends, share our pictures and become part of the crew!



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Morgan Hell

The King

Lady Poison

Ronnie Black

John Monster

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Tour Dates

05 January, 2022
Sylak Open Air

  Salem (OR)

19 March, 2022
Hellfest Open Air

  Atkinson (NH)

01 June, 2022
VOA Fest

  Fallon (NV)

11 June, 2022
Temples Festival

  Latham (IL)

20 June, 2022
Behemoth: Europa Blasfemia – Part II

  Fargo (ND)

13 July, 2022

  Lancaster (SC)

11 August, 2022

  Buena Vista (CO)

26 August, 2022
Maryland Deathfest XIV

  Annapolis (MD)

08 September, 2022
Enslaved: Spinning Wheel Ritual

  Crescent City (CA)

11 September, 2022

  Rogerson (ID)

21 September, 2022
Graspop Metal Meeting

  Kitty Hawk (NC)

07 November, 2022
Dark Bombasting Evening

  Alexandria (MN)

08 December, 2022
Hard Rock Laager

  Bangor (ME)

25 April, 2023
Rockstadt Extreme Fest

  Anselmo (Nebraska)

03 July, 2024
Brutal Assault

  Clarendon (Texas)

Making the video

Making the video

Behind the scenes of our latest video, where the sexy Poison Betty was trying to dance like a swan in the hot summer of 69. The music was raging and our guitars were super hot! Nothing better than a cold beer to make the sound of hell come powerful into your soul.

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