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Music In My Mind EP

Robotika Sonic Records RBK36492 November 5, 2016

Sonik” is the final original track on Music In My Mind EP, and seems to find a medium in-between “Panda Boy” and “Funky World”.

The track opens with loose staccato beats and synths before the incredibly catchy lead sample comes in, “non stop, we take it up / put to the pedal to the floor we take it up / more noise wake them up / from the back to the front we wake them up”. The sample carries strong Daft Punk elements to it, altering pitch and tone as the song progresses. “Kraken” features groove-EDM producer Tom Stars, and his influences can be heard nicely meshing with Knife Party’s. “Sonik” is the best track on the EP, a hugely energetic track that leaves one hoping for more Knife Party collaborations.