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Stardust (Original Mix)

Stardust EP

Rewind Recordings RW 26581 January 5, 2017


Title track “Jupiter” concludes the EP with passion. His lyrical intimacy returns at its best, as her sorrowful cry attempts to find comfort in a world of hardships. Despite being infused with light strumming of her guitar and the introduction of piano notes here and there, her vocals are put on a pedestal once again overshadowing all that surrounds her voice. Eventually her instrumental side takes control as she adamantly finishes the track with an intense haunting acoustic guitar solo.

Skillax is currently wrapping up a few performances around the UK supporting the fantastic folkstar Lucy Rose. What a role model to aspire to as she enters a musical world not too dissimilar to the main act. What a joy it has been to be amongst the first few lucky listeners of Stardust EP.